Sewing Sergers and Serger Manufacturers

serger Sergers are companion products to traditional sewing machines.  Also known as overlock machines, sergers can stitch, trim, and overcast seams in a single process.  Fabric is fed into the machine, knives trim the edge, and loopers and needles form the stitches to totally encase the edge of the fabric.

A serger can sew up to twice as fast as a sewing machine and is ideal for making finished narrow seams, overcast seams, blindstitched hems, and rolled hems.  Sergers are wonderful for sewing seams with built-in stretch for sweat clothes or tee shirts and swimwear made from stretchy fabrics.  Woven fabrics, from sheers to denim, sew beautifully.  Special feet can help gather fabric or sew on sequin or bead edges.  Decorative threads can be used to produce special effects.

serger details Sergers are designed with a variety of needle and looper options in 2-thread, 3-thread, 4/2 thread, 4/3 thread, 4-thread, and 5-thread configurations.  These machines offer various types of stitches, including 2-thread overedge, 2-thread chain stitch, 3-thread overlock, 4-thread safety stitch, 4-thread mock safety stitch, 5-thread overlock, rolled edge stitch, and flatlock stitch.  Choosing a machine with differential feed will help ensure pucker-free or stretch-free seams.

Thread for sergers is usually purchased in cones, since sergers use more thread than a traditional sewing machine.  Many thread types are available, including all-purpose, lighter weight overlock and nylon filament as well as decorative metallic, silk, topstitching, woolly nylon, and crochet threads.  The needlecraft artist can also utilize certain fine yarns and lightweight knitting ribbons to add a creative touch to the edge of a seam!

bernina serger When choosing thread, keep in mind that sergers sew at high speeds and the thread must be smooth and flexible, tightly twisted, and soft enough to slide through the thread guides and loopers.  The thread should also be strong enough to handle the stress put on it.  Your choice of threading material may require tension adjustments.  And if the thread you choose does not feed smoothly, another may give a similar decorative effect.  Not all threads work with all sergers.

When using a serger, remember to keep pins away from the cutting blades and avoid lint build-up by brushing out accumulated lint after each use.

Choose a serger from the following choices as a companion to your conventional sewing machine.  While you will still need your sewing machine to install zippers, sew buttonholes and topstitching, and perform other sewing tasks, your serger will help give your seams that fine professional edge.

Shop for Sergers and Overlocks (Featured Listing)

    This online home appliance shop features an extensive selection of sergers, sewing machines, and embroidery machines.

Serger Manufacturers

  • Husqvarna
    This sewing machine maker offers several overlocks that can help you add a professional finish and decorative details to your sewing projects.
  • Bernina USA
    This needlecraft products manufacturer offers a series of versatile overlock and serger models to help keep your creative juices flowing.
  • Singer Sewing Machines
    A Singer serger can trim and finish raw fabric edges as it sews a seam, thus saving you considerable time.
  • Pfaff USA
    Pfaff features a good selection of overlock machines, each with different performance ratings, equipment and accessories.  A Pfaff serger can partner with your sewing machine, by picking up where your sewing machine stops.
  • Janome America
    Manufactures the Compulock serger plus the MyLock line of sergers and accessories.
  • Juki America
    This Japanese producer of industrial sewing machines features a line of home-use sergers as well.
  • Baby Lock
    If you love serging, you're likely to enjoy all the innovative features the Baby Lock serger line has to offer.

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